Indirect Tex

Indirect Tax

Direct Tax

Domestic Taxation

We are providing Tax Compliance as well as Tax Planning services as per Indian Income tax Act and Indian Wealth Tax Act.

  • Preparation/Review of corporate tax returns
  • Preparation/Review withholding (TDS) tax returns
  • Representation of cases up to the Income Tax Appellant Tribunal.
  • Review/Assistance in advance tax computations
  • Seeking Advance Rulings
  • Tax Matters related to individuals/Firms/Not for profit organizations
  • Preparation of wealth tax Returns and issues related to Wealth tax
  • Other compliance issues such as tax registration, dealing with issues of withholding tax, certification etc.
Tax Planning:

Tax Planning should accommodate commercial strategy and positively enhance shareholder value. At PPC, we can develop tax strategies that work for your organization and industry, and help streamline compliance processes
  • Corporate Structuring /Advice
  • Mergers and Amalgamation Tax Advisory
  • Foreign Direct Investment /Exchange Control
  • Expatriate Tax Solutions
  • Treaty Interpretation i.e. interpretation on various terms used in DTAA.
  • Tax issues of foreign companies as well as subsidiary companies
  • Taxation of Partnership and consortium of Non-Residents.
Transfer Pricing

Transfer price is the price at which a company sells its products or services to a related company or any of its divisions. . Hence it is a special selling price at which the products or services of the company are internally transferred. The Finance Act 2001 introduced the detailed Transfer Pricing Regulations (T.P.R.) in India w.e.f.1stApril 2001 corresponding to the assessment year 2002-2003. The sections and rules under the Income Tax Act, which deal with Transfer Pricing Regulations are sections 92 to 92F and rules 10A to 10E and sections 271(1)(c), 271AA, 271BA and 271G. The company shall prepare a Report on Implementation of Transfer Pricing documenting the compliance with the Guidelines and the Transfer Price Policy Statement. We advice on:
  • Planning Studies / Advisory
  • Documentation Studies
  • Compliance/Audit
  • Assisting in Assessments / Appeals
  With its comprehensive set of retouching, painting, drawing, and Web tools, (Fri 31 Jan)

With its comprehensive set of retouching, painting, drawing, and Web tools, (Fri 31 Jan)